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Excavation & Site Preparation

Excavation & Site Preparation

Shaw Concrete Construction Inc offers full service Site Preparation. Professional site preparation is a critical first step to a successful completion of your project. Working with home owners, concrete companies, developers or professional engineers we will ensure your is professionally prepared to gets your project off to a good solid start.

Uniformity, in both soil composition and compaction, is essential to the preparation of the subgrade. A properly prepared subgrade provides adequate support, ensures uniform slab thickness, and prevents slab settlement cracking. Soft spots should be removed and replaced with gravel or crushed rock. Compaction is the last step once the desired grade or elevation is achieved and is essential element of proper subgrade preparation.

Local, licensed, bonded and insured our operators are experienced working with the unique soil, terrain and weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest.

Our services include:

• Clearing and grubbing
• Excavation
• Trenching
• Boring
• Soil stabilization

• Approach construction
• Construction entrances
• Grading
• Erosion control
• Drainage

• Logging and Tree removal
• Underground utilities
• Demolition and removal of old structures and utilities