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Concrete Construction

Concrete Construction

We serve both the residential and commercial market by providing a wide variety of concrete solutions that will add value to your project. Because there are so many options Shaw Concrete Construction Inc offers assistance in choosing the best concrete surface for your project.

Concrete is an excellent choice for construction. It is stronger than other common building materials, durable, requires minimal maintenance, has many environmental benefits and can be elegantly designed to fit your lifestyle.

The finishes and decorative options we provide for your concrete project include:

Smooth Troweled Finish – This finish offers a beautiful, smooth finish for your concrete surface, but may be slippery when wet. This type of finish is not usually chosen for driveways or walking surfaces.

Broom Finish – The Broom finish is the most popular finish used on concrete driveways, sidewalks and steps. It is a slightly rough finish that is created by using brooms at exactly the right stage in the setting of the concrete. It’s a non-slip surface when wet so is an excellent finish choice for surfaces near water.

Exposed Aggregate Finish – The Exposed Aggregate finish is created by carefully washing away a thin layer of the cement that binds the concrete from the surface. It exposes the gravel aggregate and leaves a colorful, pebbly appearance which is growing in popularity for concrete projects.

Etched and Sand Finishes – similar to exposed aggregate, Etched and sand finishes are achieved by washing the surface cement to a desired depth. Rather than removing enough cement to expose the rock or aggregate, less cement is washed away in etched and sand finishes exposing a sand/cement matrix. Etched and sand finishes have the appearance of sandpaper and is offered varying degrees in coarseness.

Stamped Concrete – The Stamped Concrete finish is created by using a selected patterned stamp to create an attractive design in your concrete project.

Colored Concrete – We use both integral & broadcast coloring systems to enhance your new concrete project. The use integral color provides you with a wide variety of stunning colors options. Because integral color is added to the entire mix at the concrete batch plant, the pigmentation is evenly distributed throughout the entire mixture of concrete. Broadcast color is is applied by hand after the concrete is poured.

Stained Concrete – concrete staining can be completed using either water based stains or acid based stains. Both can be used to achieve beautiful results in slightly different ways and offer many different colors for yet another way to customize your concrete project.


Using steel reinforcement will provide additional structural capacity for concrete and is especially important if the slab will be exposed to heavy traffic such as a driveway. Reinforcement can be either wire mesh or steel rebar placed in a grid pattern at a spacing appropriate to the application. Synthetic fibers or fiber mesh, can be added at the concrete batch plant to the entire mix as a way to reduce shrinkage cracks.